Lunches Week 5!

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What a crazy week!  I hate to admit it but after this week of 99° weather, I’m ready for some cooler temps and all things fall… pumpkins, apples, soups, and baking!  It has been so hot out that school closed early on Friday, which was kind of awesome because I had no plans for what to pack for lunch! Haha!  Keep reading to see what I packed last week.  

On Mondays we brunch! Baked oatmeal with syrup, mini frittatas, & plums. Packed in easylunchboxes.


PB & Nutella rolls, pretzels, grapes, broccoli, carrots, & string cheese. Packed in the always awesome easylunchboxes.


Jimmy John’s sandwich, Fritos, grapes and healthy breakfast cookies.


It has been determined that her favorite lunch so far, by far is nachos. The last time she had nachos for lunch she sadly said, “I wish I could have that everyday.” She truly is a girl after my own heart. 💜💕

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