Lunches Week 4!

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Wow! A whole month of school and lunches!  I still can’t believe my little girl is in kindergarten!  She is doing really awesome and I’m so proud of her.  I can already tell how much she is learning and taking in, it’s really quite amazing.  She’s coming home very excited to tell me about her friends, her status on the behavior chart, and all the great new things she’s learning!

As far as lunch, she doesn’t eat much and I’m ok with it. I think she is eating just enough to get through the day and I’m always prepared with an after school snack.  Sometimes she requests certain things for lunch and I always try to oblige, but even then she still doesn’t eat much of it. I don’t know if it’s the temperature of the food, the environment, or both that is hindering how much she eats.  I figure it’s all so new, strange, exciting, and if I know my daughter… she’s too busy chatting.  

This whole lunch business reminded me of a really great article I read a few years ago when I was struggling with her picky eating.  Basically the article stated that it was my job to decide “when”, “what”, and “where” to eat, it’s the child’s job to decide “whether” and “how much” to eat.  It was like a light bulb.  That simple method totally changed my perspective on her eating habits.  I was able to let go of that control and allow her to make decisions for herself and her body.  It’s the same at school, I can’t tell her, “you must eat all of this lunch.”  I can say “this is what I’m giving you,” but she doesn’t have to eat it.  It’s like a sigh of relief and pressure is lifted.  So with that in mind, I just keep chugging away packing (hopefully healthy) lunches and if she chooses a hot lunch here and there, I’m all for it!  

Monday: I made kale chips and everyone said, “what are you making? It smells gross!” Then sure enough when they came out of the oven, curiosity struck and the girls each wanted to try one. Next thing I knew, a whole pan was gone! Monday’s lunch was pepperoni, cheese, & crackers, grapes/strawberries, kale chips, banana muffin, & marshmallows.


“Take-out” Tuesday: Homemade bacon fried rice, plum, white cheddar puffs, and teddy grahams.


Wednesday’s lunch: trying out the thermos today with Spaghetti, strawberries/grapes, apple straws/pistachios, cheese stick & juice box.


Thursday: This is the ‘I don’t know what to feed you that you’ll actually eat so I’m going to put a couple of random things in there as a shot in the dark assuming you’ll only eat the pretzels and krispie treat but it’s worth a shot’ lunch… Peanut butter waffle sandwich, veggie hummus wrap, grapes pretzels, krispie treat. (Update: I was totally spot on with my aforementioned assumptions.)

And Friday was hot lunch… Pizza day!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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