Lunches Week 2

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Another week in the books! I had fun packing lunches this week. I’m trying really hard not to be discouraged if she doesn’t eat.  Thursday was her best day and the first time I felt like she actually ate! Yay!

A snacky kind of yumboxlunch: blueberries, bell pepper, waffles, hard-boiled egg (whites), cheese stick, & mini kit-kat.
She’s been too excited for recess to eat lunch… so today she picked out what she wanted: peanut butter crackers, grapes, peppers, & cheese stick. It will probably come home just nibbled and she will be starving and cranky. We talk about the importance of eating lunch but ultimately what she chooses to eat is her decision… When I asked how today’s lunch went, she said she only ate one grape because “she was not prepared for grapes,” which is funny because she asked for them.
Leftover Mexican casserole, broccoli, grapes, blueberry muffin, & cinnamon churros!
Nacho average Thursday: chips, cheese, bell pepper salsa, applesauce, & cookies
It’s a wrap on this week’s lunches: bean and cheese wrap, peppers, applesauce, veggie straws, & honey cinnamon roasted chickpeas with a few m&m’s. Happy Friday!!! Packed in easylunchboxes.

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