Back to School… Lunch!

Oh my. My daughter started kindergarten this week and I’m dead.  She’s doing great though!

As you may remember, she’s a relatively picky eater.  Which means I’m stressing about one thing… lunch.  In an effort to appease my anxiety, I started piecing together lunch accessories months ago.  Ok, it was more like a year ago but whatever.  I bought some bento-style lunch boxes to try because I feel like they replicate how she likes to eat, little nibbles of several different things… none of it touching.   The ones I bought are yumboxes and easy lunchboxes.  I’ve only used the yumboxes so far because they’re so dang cute, but I’m sure the easy lunchboxes will come in handy too! In an effort to spread the lunchbox love around and because the internet has been such a great source of inspiration to me for lunch packing, I’m going to make an effort to post her lunches weekly here and daily on my Instagram.  I am @kt_gourmommy on the Insta if you’re interested in following along!

So without further adieu, below is our first week of lunches (it was only two days… haha!):

First school lunch! Ahh! Leftover bacon fried rice, grapes, chocolate chip banana muffins, & treat.
School lunch 002: cinnamon roll ‘sushi’, pistachios, summer veggie salad, watermelon, mandarins, apple straws, & Rice Krispie treat.

*Disclaimer: I try my best to provide a balanced lunch, but I’m not perfect.  My daily goal is to always include something I know she will like, a veggie, a fruit, some sort of protein, something fun (a treat), and maybe something new that she can try (or not) without any pressure from me.

Let’s see how far this goes!  So far it’s been fun!

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