Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Last night was awe-inspiring.  This was the first supermoon lunar eclipse since 1982, the year I was born oddly enough.  The next one won’t be until 2033, 18 more years!

We had a pretty good view from our backyard.  We brought lawn chairs out and moved around so that we could get a good look through the trees as the night went on.  It went faster than I anticipated actually.  We had to wait for clouds to pass a few times, but we were blessed with some really great views through the clearings.  I played around with camera settings and ended up with a few good shots, for an amateur.  For fun, we googled what lens you’d need to really get good shots; it’s $13,000.  Good thing I have some time to save up until the next supermoon lunar eclipse rolls around.  Sheesh.

I’m so glad we made a point to go out and watch.  It was really amazing; truly beautiful.  Also just a beautiful evening that I would have otherwise spent inside. It was fun sitting and chatting, outside in the dark, with the men of the house. It’s times like last night that I’m reminded just how small we are and just how amazing the universe must be.

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