Fall Mix

It’s officially fall.  Whomp, whomp.  Summer is over.  As you may know, I have mixed emotions about fall.   So to lift my spirits, I have something fun today.  Fall mix!  This stuff brings back so many good memories of family and togetherness, it’s hard to be upset about the fact that soon everything will die and I won’t ever want to leave my house.  
a simple combo of spice drops, candy corn, & peanuts!
This is one of those things that I can remember eating all the time as a kid.  This time of year, we had this mix at every family gathering.  We can’t help it.  We love to snack.  It really is the perfect mix of sweet, salty, and spicy.  I would also like to note that we’ve been eating this mix for years; way before such a combo became trendy!  We would sit around munching, talking, laughing, and playing games.  Usually a heated round of german craps, taboo, or scategories; the list goes on.  I really miss those days.  We still get together, not quite as often, but when we do I still love it just as much.
Throughout my childhood, I spent countless hours at my Aunt’s house.  She always had the best cereal and pop!  It’s funny, we loved going to my aunt’s house for all the great sugary stuff, and every time my cousin came to our house, he would ask my mom for a banana!  
I wish I could go back and savor those care-free childhood days just once more. I mean those were the days when you could get away with putting lemon juice and jelly on bologna and convince someone to eat it with their eyes shut.  Unfortunately, we just don’t have fun like that anymore!  I miss those days of running to the basement to play pool or Nintendo.  We would spend hours seeing who could run the fastest on the Nintendo power pad or get a TKO in Punch-out.  
But now the tide has shifted.  It’s been fun as a mom to see how delighted my kids are to hang out with their cousins.  My daughter just loves ‘her girls’ and can hardly wait for the chances we get to see them.  They’re a bit older than she is but as soon as she could run, she has done a pretty good job keeping up with them.  They’re the best too; they always dote on her and she just eats that right up.  They pull out all of their old toys and set them up so they’re ready when she arrives.  They run to the basement to play with dolls, play school, or play hide-and-seek with her.  The other side of the family loves when my son comes around; those boys sure like to rough him up!  Not sure if he,  being the teenager he is, loves it as much as they do, but he is usually a good sport about it.

When the holidays roll around, I look forward to the days when my little girls don’t need to go to bed so early.  Someday they will be able stay up late playing at Gram’s or their Great Aunt’s house, eating fall mix, making their own great memories with family.  Maybe once all of us are out of these crazy toddler/baby years, us cousins can enjoy what our parents probably used to enjoy.  Sitting upstairs talking, laughing, eating fall mix listening to the kids having a great time horsing around in the basement.  

Fall Mix
1 lb Cocktail Peanuts
2 – 10 oz bags Spice Drops
1 – 18.5 oz bag Candy Corn
Mix together in a bowl.  Eat.  Store in an airtight container.

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