Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Last night was awe-inspiring.  This was the first supermoon lunar eclipse since 1982, the year I was born oddly enough.  The next one won’t be until 2033, 18 more years! We had a pretty good view from our backyard.  We brought lawn chairs out and moved around so that we could get a good look […]

Fall Mix

It’s officially fall.  Whomp, whomp.  Summer is over.  As you may know, I have mixed emotions about fall.   So to lift my spirits, I have something fun today.  Fall mix!  This stuff brings back so many good memories of family and togetherness, it’s hard to be upset about the fact that soon everything will […]

Chicken Gyros

Don’t let the name of this recipe fool you.  The chicken from this recipe has such great flavor, it doesn’t always make it into the pita! Delicious on it’s own, spectacular as gyros. I was just talking with a friend about dinner ruts.  Have you been there?  Oh, I have.  Many times.  I like to […]

Taco Pizza

Have you ever had a taco pizza?  If not, it probably sounds odd.  It’s actually quite popular around here.  Even the gas station makes one they’re kind of famous for.  I haven’t had a taco pizza in years.  But alas, with our recent pizza addiction, everyone was requesting taco pizza.  So, we made one the […]