Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches (Slow Cooker)

Life can be exhausting sometimes.  There are some days when four O’clock hits, the kids are acting crazy, and there is no sign of another adult returning home; all I’m thinking is please save me, the last thing I want to do is drive thru McAtDonalds.  Sound familiar?  Well, maybe you don’t call it ‘McAtDonald’s’ […]

Baked Mostaccioli

My family loves pasta. Often times my husband will say he wants some sort of pasta for dinner. Uh, ok.  That really narrows it down, is usually my response to that.  I mean, really. Thanks for the help. Baked mostaccioli has long been one of our favorites. We had this a lot growing up; my aunt […]

Mango Salsa

This is my favorite salsa.  Ever.  It’s stinking delicious.  When I eat it, all I can hear is Weird Al singing ‘just eat it.’ And I do.  I eat it all.  This stuff does not last long around our house.  I’ve been known to make it my lunch on occasion.  It’s that amazing.  Tangy, sweet, spicy […]

Chicken Salad

I’m trying to remember the first time I had chicken salad.  I know I was in my *ahem* thirties. Odd, I know.  But that’s another story.  I never realized how delicious it was! As with many things that I never used to eat, for whatever weird reason.  I’m pretty sure we were on a camping […]


In this house, tennis courses through our veins. My husband has had a love for tennis for much of his life. He played in high school and into college. He may or may not have shed a tear when Andre Agassi retired. He continues to have a passion for the sport and that has been […]

Roasted Broccoli

I will never look at broccoli the same way again.  Two words.  Roasted.  Broccoli.  Oh my goodness. It should never be eaten any other way.  The first time I made this, it came out of the oven before the rest of our dinner was finished.  I tried a bite.  Instantly, I fell in love.  I […]

Spinach Pesto

My daughter will try anything green.  Won’t touch grape or strawberry jelly to save her life, but if it’s green… she’ll pop it into her mouth without hesitation.  I’m not complaining, but this makes no sense to me. Lately I’ve been struggling with what to feed her for lunch, beyond peanut butter toast.  She is […]