Lunches Week 5!

What a crazy week!  I hate to admit it but after this week of 99° weather, I’m ready for some cooler temps and all things fall… pumpkins, apples, soups, and baking!  It has been so hot out that school closed early on Friday, which was kind of awesome because I had no plans for what […]

Lunches Week 4!


Wow! A whole month of school and lunches!  I still can’t believe my little girl is in kindergarten!  She is doing really awesome and I’m so proud of her.  I can already tell how much she is learning and taking in, it’s really quite amazing.  She’s coming home very excited to tell me about her […]

Lunches Week 3

This short week really flew by!  We had only three cold lunches this week due to a short week and one hot lunch day.  She really wanted to eat hot lunch because they were having pancakes, obviously a no brainer.  She LOVED it… so I suppose we’ll be keeping an eye on the hot lunch […]

Pizza Night!

  Friday night is always pizza night in our house.  It’s tradition!  Sometimes we get tired of the pizza options around town, so I’m always on a quest to make pizza at home that’s better than take-out. For many years I’ve been trying to master just that. The crust in particular.  It has to have flavor. […]

Back to School… Lunch!

Oh my. My daughter started kindergarten this week and I’m dead.  She’s doing great though! As you may remember, she’s a relatively picky eater.  Which means I’m stressing about one thing… lunch.  In an effort to appease my anxiety, I started piecing together lunch accessories months ago.  Ok, it was more like a year ago […]

Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad

The end is near.  Two thirds of my children offered to help clean the kitchen after dinner… unprompted.  I would have uploaded photo evidence, but I didn’t want to break the internet.  One is sweeping, the other is wiping down the table and chairs with a wet rag.  I’m sitting down watching them.  This is not a drill. […]

Raspberr-Pea Smoothie

I fell off the smoothie train and I’m trying my best to jump aboard again.  I’ve been feeling really cruddy and smoothies are a quick and easy way to get some of the things I know my body is lacking.  Like fruits, veggies, fiber, protein… so basically everything.   I’ve been at it for over […]